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DINOSAUR TABLETOP GAME: Cretacea - The game of gargantuan survival $29.61 $13.66
Publisher: Wicked Wargames
by David F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/23/2019 14:07:41

Right out of the gate this game is a labour of love and it shows. Arthur Hannan has created a fantastic dinosaur wargame that draws from Mesozoic Era history, specifically the Cretacea Era as noted in the title. This game is 44 pages (including the cover and back of the book) and upon looking at the front of the book or reading the pdf, the imagery of the roaring T-Rex draws you in. The entire book is well laid out and very straight forward and easy to understand. The mix of artwork and photography of miniatures sets the tone and instantly makes you want to take a bucket of dinos and start repainting and basing them to create your own herd, and get to playing the game yourself. I feel the game is one people should not miss out on and there is an opportunity found within this game to not only use it as a solid wargame, but as an educational tool in teaching kids of all ages about dinosaurs. It also is a great way to introduce them to the wargaming hobby. Even if only to take that journey through painting/basing minis (if you want to), building a playmat or gaming board as well as creating lots of scatter terrain (It is another way to research the habitat these dinosaurs lived in during the time and recreate that on your tabletop) such as trees, shurbs, outcroppings of rocks, swamp and more.

For those who don't want to do all the wargame hobby bits, it does come with (speaking of the pdf) printable 2D top down view of dinos and gaming tokens along with a pdf of suggested force builds to get you started on your way. The concepts are fun and exciting and the fact that it is a dinosaur wargame wins it points on that alone. But the system is solid and very enjoyable and I hope we see more expansive material in the future. I honestly feel that this game is a diamond in the rough and has lots of potential for expansion if more people check it out, enjoy it, and recommend it to others.

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DINOSAUR TABLETOP GAME: Cretacea - The game of gargantuan survival
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