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Sellswords and Spellslingers Solo and Cooperative fantasy Miniature Rules $8.00
Publisher: Ganesha Games
by Damien F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/11/2019 17:23:55

Sellswords and spellslingers is the game I was looking for, a good generic ruleset for solo/coop fantasy miniature game. I have now a large quantity of fantasy miniaures from various range and SS&SS offers me the possibility to use all of them in the same game. The big difference with other games lies in its activation mechanism that makes the game unpredictable. In a classic game the activations are often heroes activates first then it's the turn of the foes, but in SS&SS, players have to make a test for each activation (players choose the number of activation : between 1 and 3) and for each failure, players have to draw an event card that will determine the way the foes react, before the player could act. Players could see their well tought strategy completely ruined in 2 seconds with only a misluck rolled dice, wich makes the game more challenging and funnier. The rules are quite simple, making the game fast (1-2 hours a game) and reachable to any kind of player. It also leaves room for some roleplaying and for character evolution as it provides a system of XP points and traits to buy or upgrade. The random event deck allows a good replayability if you intend to play the same scenario a few times. The game provides rules, various cards (event cards for the IA, monster cards, spells,...) and 10 scenarii that you can play separately or in a campaign. After it’s up to you to define the way you want to play this game : with miniatures or with counters or paper miniatures; with 3D decors or only on a 2D map; with the scenarii of the book or with your homemade scenarii; solo or coop with friends...

The game is still under developpement as it seems that there are some extensions in progress.

In conclusion, I think that it’s a good investment, especially for people who already owns fantasy miniatures from other games and look for a game where they could develop their own stories and adventures.

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Sellswords and Spellslingers Solo and Cooperative fantasy Miniature Rules
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