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Age of Hannibal $16.00
Publisher: Greg Wagman
by Hayri A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/25/2018 13:23:46

“Age of Hannibal” is a clone of Chipco’s “Fantasy Rules!” with a bend toward historical gaming, especially during the Punic Wars. Essentially all of the rank and file units of the original game are included, though several are modified to fit more with historical gaming.

The game is played in IGO-UGO turns. The turn order is Rally-Missile Fire-Melee. Once the first player completes these 4 steps, it is the other player’s turn at which time the turn ends.

The game uses a “morale” clock which starts at 9 points and is reduced if you took more losses in a half turn. It can also be instantly reduced if you lose a leader or get your baggage camp sacked. When one player’s clock reaches zero, the game is over and that player army has quit the field.

Unit that took demoralization hits may be rallied. A 10 sided die (D10) is rolled and the result compared to the units morale number. If it is equal or greater to the morale number, all demoralization markers are removed.

For missile fire, you roll a die and consult a table. If the result is ‘D’, the target takes a demoralization hit. If the result is a ‘K’, the target unit is eliminated. A unit is also eliminated if it accumulates 3 ‘D’ results.

You may move as many units or groups as you have morale clock points. A group of units must move together and may either wheel or move forward and up to 45 degrees oblique. Individual units move in the same fashion but simply pivot to change facing. Rough terrain will reduce movement. This is all similar to “DBA”, another popular wargame rules set.

Melee occurs between adjacent units. Each unit has a combat factor that is added to the result of a D10 die roll. The higher total between two units is the winner. The loser take a ’D’ result. If the winning total is twice or more larger than the losing result, the losing unit is eliminated. Like in missile fire, the accumulation of 3 ‘D’ results will also eliminate a unit.

The game comes with some siege rules, which I wil not comment on here as I have not played them and I am not terribly fond of siege games. Finally, the game comes with 3 battle scenarios including Issus, Trebia and Sabis.

So what do I think? I was a big fan of FR! Many years ago but became disillusioned with some of the more gamey aspects of the later versions of the rules. I’d played FR! A number of times as a historical set and like the results well. This set takes that a step farther by modifying the unit types even further to match more closely with the historical realities of ancient warfare. While I’ve not played THIS set yet, I can comfortably give it high marks for a game that is easy to learn and provides a bit more crunch than DBA. It will be great for an evening of fun with a group of friends.

On the author's YouTube Channel, there is a great overview and replay of Trebbia. I'm not normally a fan of video battle reports, but this particular video was well done and is pretty fun to watch.

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Age of Hannibal
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