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Abandoned Wagon Paper Model $0.95
Publisher: Dave Graffam Models
by Paul a. M. T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/03/2017 14:39:27

I recently dusted this off and built one of these again and I am glad I did. I remember when I first got the model. It was one of the first kits I bought and I really got excited. I was running an AD&D campaign with a caravan, so I printed three of these out right away. That was a mistake. I had built paper models before, but nothing as complicated as this kit. The directions were not as clear as they could be, as far as a beginner was concerned, and things did not go well. I ended up completing only two of the models, and neither of them were exactly what I had pictured going into the project. Some months later when I had more experience I went back and built a wagon following the directions and understood them clearly, but that was only after having gotten more experience. Building the kit now after not having seen it for a couple of years, I recognized a few of the areas where the directions were a bit, "ahem", less than clear, but still had no trouble assembling a beautiful, sturdy, and complete wagon as nice on my shelf as it is on the game table. This is a good kit, but I recommend it for experienced modelers. Beginners attempting the kit should build it slowly and opt for simpler builds without sides at first. Do a couple of squre canvas tops before trying the rounded one. You'll be glad you did.

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Abandoned Wagon Paper Model
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