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Rogue Planet
Publisher: Brent Spivey Creations
by Jason B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/13/2017 06:50:43

I'm only a recent skirm-style game convert and have tried a number of systems looking for that elusive 'something special'.

I think I've found it with Rogue Planet.

The depth of tactical choice coupled with the amount of character the mechanics afford is absolutely bang-on. Couple that with basically zero book-keeping, low complexity and a huge amount of adaptability and flexibility... I'm just dumbfounded that my mates hadn't discovered this gem before me! The system provides the means of running an entertaining battle with only a handful of miniatures on each side and little or any homework/prep.

If you'd like a sense of how the game plays, you might like to check out this Battle Report - if you get a sense that we've enjoyed the game, well you're right! I'm looking forward to trialling Brent's other creations in due course.

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Rogue Planet
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