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Tribal - skirmish combat game $12.50
Publisher: Mana Press
by Christopher S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/16/2017 18:08:27

TRIBAL is a fast-paced, skirmish wargame that is rapidly acquiring enthusiastic adherents. The rules (available as a PDF or attractively illustrated, 27-page booklet) are simple enough to be learned in less than an hour, yet offer an amazing variety of possibilities for play and adaptation. As its name implies, the game is mainly applicable to pre-gunpowder, tribal societies in which HONOUR and REPUTATION are the keys to winning, though adaptations are already available for the inclusion of primitive firearms. The innovative system of play uses only two decks of playing cards for both movement and combat resolution - no dice! I found this concept off-putting at first, as I don't generally like card games, but I decided to give it a try and soon became addicted. Go to battle with your preferred historical tribes, whether Maori, Native Americans, Zulus, Vikings or Anglo-Saxons, and experience the cut and thrust, dodges and parries as grizzled chieftains, redoubtable heroes and loyal warrior bands vie to estblish supremacy over neighbouring tribes. "Tribal - the Skirmish Combat Game" originated in Australia with a dedicated team of wargamers, game designers and artists. Until now, this has made the hard-copy rulebook fairly expensive due to shipping costs. However, moves are underway to open up two franchises for the UK & Europe and for Canada & the USA, so watch out for further updates!

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Tribal - skirmish combat game
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