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TRIUMPH! v1.1 $20.00
Publisher: Washington Grand Company
by Peter M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/16/2017 03:33:44

I desperately wanted to like and enjoy DBA rules but couldn't quite get past the troop type nomenclature and the lack of troop variation. A Hoplite army of 11 Spears & 1 Psiloi lacks any character for me. Whilst Triumph rules are unashamedly based on DBA there is enough variation to make it its own beast and I have to say that I like the differences. An increase in troop types makes armies far more interesting as does the fact that not all comprise 12 elements. The troop types are a better fit for the different historical epochs covered and and don't simply rely on the weapon they may happen to hold in their hand. I also find that the troop types utilised make it easier to replay historical battles. I particularly like each army having designated battleline troops which means that whilst there is control over deployment the armies set up with some resemblance to their historical counterparts. It is worth visiting the forum and reading the authors explanation behind each of the troop types and what they represent. Whilst I have no problem with the troop types represented by the labels of Javelin Cavalry and Bad Horse they seem unnecessary as they could just as easily be referred to as Cavalry and Horse. This is because the first will undoubtedly be referred to as JavCav which annoys me already and Bad Horse sounds like the rider is constantly admonishing his horse.

So whilst these rules are derivative they display enough innovation to be worth the purchase. The online Army Lists and print on demand Terrain Cards (also available fron the vault) bode well for future support for the rules. I look forward to future developments for the Triumph rules.

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