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Handcrafted Dungeons:: Basic Dungeon Tiles set 1 $12.99
Publisher: Outland Arts
by Christoph C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/26/2015 03:56:53

I was highly dissapointed once I opened the archive to use with maptools for my digital battlemap. Here is why:

1.) The set is very limited in options. The biggest room is about 6x6 (round) or 5x11 (rectangle). Doors are already placed on the map. No options there, but to remove them yourself (but you will need to use image editing software). Pretty much everything is set. You don't have any options to put walls or doors somewhere. There are different options for rooms (like: empty, skeletons lying around), but thats it.

2.) The visual appeal is low to middle standard. Considering Dwarven Forge to be high quality in production quality and presentation this here falls way behind. The paint-job quality is low, eg. any object that is made out of metal will just be painted pure silver. The floor and walls are decent enough for play.

3.) The illumination is breaking apart the dungeon. I cannot stress this enough. By illuminating most of the pieces individually every transition is visible and not in a good way. You put one straight piece next to another one and you will notice the extreme difference in illumination between the two. It is litterally breaking apart the dungeon. The tiles own their own look much better this way hiding the mediocre paint job quite well, but since tiles will always be placed together I cannot figure out why anybody would want to produce tiles this way.

Take a very close look at the tiles and consider the three points I have mentioned very carefully. Or otherwise you will end up like me, frustrated about spending 13$ on a product you will never use. I deleted the tile set as I will never use it.

In conclusion I cannot reccomend this tile set unless you are not bothered by points 1-3.

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Handcrafted Dungeons:: Basic Dungeon Tiles set 1
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