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Colonial Battlefleet: Core Rules $19.95
Publisher: Steel Dreadnought Games
by Chris Z. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/13/2014 18:06:39

Well according to the product description this is supposed to be a cross Genre set of rules, any genre, any ships, any weapons, and it is going to expand to cover other playable genre's, well dont believe it, while it's initial offering is solid even good, the author has decided not to support his initial product by expanding the playable and most sought after genre's with more offerings, letting a bunch of his customers down in the process. The Man vs Machine Expansion is good, but the Stars Reach expansion is just lacking. Also dont ever criticize the author he wont listen to any constructive criticism, dissent or anyone else's opinions.

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Creator Reply:
While Chris is entitled to his opinion, this product does support the vast majority of the common sci-fi settings. Chris feels, however, that all future Steel Dreadnought Games releases ought to be tied exclusively to this system. He doesn\'t agree that to achieve a finer level of detail, some settings would be best served by their own custom rule sets. At Steel Dreadnought Games we always strive to create the best, most enjoyable games possible and player input is and will continue to be very valuable to us in achieving that goal.
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Colonial Battlefleet: Core Rules
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