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Wizard's Shop of Rake's Corner Paper Model $2.95 $2.21
Publisher: Dave Graffam Models
by Paul a. M. T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/12/2014 14:53:26

This is a nice little model! Like most of the Rake's Corner buildings I've purchased so far, this building lacks alternate layers. This means that when you've bought this shop, you've only bought one model. Wrong! Like many David Graffam models, the Wizard's Shop of Rakes Corner can be customized by using parts from other models. The quickest and easiest modification is simply reversing the roof to place the chimney in the front and move the dormer to the rear left side of the building. You can always craft new signs to cover the one printed above the door. Printing out an extra first page and playing with scissors can give you yet another variation, too. Why build multiples of this model? Well, any Merchant's Quarter can use them. The reinforced dormer supports a lot of rooftop action (easily holds two lead figures) that adventurers crave in cities and this is a good value! The model comes with a good footprint that makes lining up the walls a snap when the model is finished. You have the option of putting the ground piece on a piece of foam core board and gluing down the covers for the edges or cutting the edges of the ground pieces off and gluing the model to a thicker piece of cardboard.

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Wizard's Shop of Rake's Corner Paper Model
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