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E-Z TILES: Rivers & Streams $2.99
Publisher: Fat Dragon Games
by Bruce L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/21/2013 21:49:56

This is a terrific product. I have used blue felt, strips of yarn, strips of blue construction paper, and other crude markers for rivers and streams, on my gaming tables... They all looked pathetic.

Rubber rivers and streams look nice, but they are terribly expensive -- beyond my meager gaming budget. I considered making my own, using clear caulking, and inexpensive materials as a base, but that would take a tremendous amount of time, and effort -- little money, but my time is valuable to me, so that never happened either.

Enter the "E-Z Tiles: River & Streams"! They look fantastic, they only require the time and effort to print them out, cut them to size, and, for me, to mount them to vinyl floor tile backing, with clear Contact Paper over the printed side, to protect them for years to come. I printed off 24 tiles, mounted them to vinyl floor tile backing, covered them in clear Contact Paper, and then I cut them to size, all in one afternoon! Those 24 tiles, when placed in proper formation, yielded a 9 foot 7 inch stream!

Easy, durable (when mounted, and protected with Contact Paper), easy to build, easy to use, and affordable, both in cash, and my time! Cheers!

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E-Z TILES: Rivers & Streams
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