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Colonial Battlefleet: Cyborg Onslaught [BUNDLE] $29.90 $27.95
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Colonial Battlefleet: Cyborg Onslaught [BUNDLE]
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Colonial Battlefleet: Cyborg Onslaught [BUNDLE]
Publisher: Steel Dreadnought Games
by Chris Z. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 11/29/2013 13:02:35

I like the rules, well done in that they cover nearly anything that can happen in cinematic space combat. Plenty of weapons, and defensive systems, fighters should be more lethal in my opinion but a bit of tweaking has shown me that is easily possible and seamlessly implemented. The system flows well and is simple to use and yet complicated enough to represent the details and nuances of good starship combat. Now for the parts I am not lollipops about, The MvM ships dont equate well to their supposed BSG models/counterparts. I dont like the fact that 6 hardpoints and size class 5 is the design limit, so those went away, the hardpoints just require more sizes of polyhedral dice (d8 for 8 hardpoints, d10 for 10 hardpoints), and I made the max size class 10. I also added a 360 degree fire arc for weapons and some bigger heavier weapons. I like the way fighters work but think that squadrons of 6 planes is too few per squadron, I made them flights instead of individual planes and increased the damage they can do per flight this seems to work for my vision. I have some issues with no stacking of fighters and missiles so that needs a look. Flak suppression fire mode needs to be added as well. Okay so I am particular, but not without precedent, I have played all the other Starship combat games and this one is actually better all around, it is adaptable, quick, easy to learn and use, is multi-genre and allows crossover very easily. Now they just need to get out some more fleet/genre books and supplements especially Star-Wars and Star Trek and rules for HUGE ships and space stations. I highly recomend this rules set (especially for BSG) and the price and content are excellant. Well Done Mr Pratt and crew... thanks very much and keep up the good work.

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