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PB2 ECW Scottish Armies Pay What You Want
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PB2 ECW Scottish Armies
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Publisher: Billy Bones Workshop
by Bob B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 02/03/2014 03:50:05

I bought these despite having large (several hundred) 28mm metal and plastic painted figures of the same period. My figures are based for certain rules and I bought these to use with Stephen Danes Bloody Kingdom and possibly Father Tiley rules. These are easy to cut out – I bought individual figures previously but it takes so long to cut out and assemble. These are blocks of figures and since the rules use blocks this is fine. I downloaded the free samples but prefer this set which has back views of the figures. Presently assembling an Irish Army and intend to use it shortly. Good product, very useful and inexpensive. If you wanted to try a set of rules or different period this is the way to do it. Figures can be coloured or printed on different coloured paper. I’m thinking of adding flags but want to get the army assembled rather than stop for individual units. Of course if you don’t like the feel or style after a sample game you have only wasted a few pounds and your time. I hope there are more sets to follow – especially those periods where large blocks of troops were used such as the Wars of the 18th century – Marlborough onwards. Highly recommended.

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