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Polemos Franco Prussian War
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Polemos Franco Prussian War
Publisher: Baccus 6mm
by Scott M. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 08/29/2011 11:32:37

A group of players in our club got together to play Kommandant der Armee (the army level version of the game) for the first time yesterday and everyone was pleased with the results. I found that the tempo system of movement worked well and simulated the initiative (or lack thereof) of the opposing military systems and the ebb and flow of the battlefield. In the end the game felt like a battle of the period.

We played a game with about 1 1/2 Corps on each side to the point that the outcome was becoming obvious in about 3 hours. And we were learning the game and constantly looking things up while playing, so it played briskly.

We are planning to play again soon, and people are excited that many of the painted armies that we have that have been sitting idle for lack of a suitable game will be seeing action again.

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