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It is Warm Work Age of Sail Naval Rules 2nd Edition $5.95
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It is Warm Work  Age of Sail Naval Rules 2nd Edition
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Publisher: Crookedhead Games
by Jordan L. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 12/04/2012 21:48:10

This is one of the best games I've played in over a decade of gaming. Everything you need to play, except dice and a ruler, is provided in this print and play product. There is a scenario and counters representing the ships are included. The rules are very easy to play and give very gripping and flavorful games. There are rules for everything from sloops to enormous 110 gun sailing "death star" ships. The rules also cover static elements like forts and gun emplacements. There are points values given for those wanting to build fleet lists but, you can just as well look up historical battles and create fleets based on real events. The rules handle large battles well and the battle my gaming group played with ten ships a side was a great way to test the waters for battles with larger fleets. One of the best games I have played, of anything, to date in terms of action, flow and player involvement. But, it is not just the fleet actions which shine. The game also gives a system for dropping down a level and re creating the duels between single ships which you might have seen in pirate movies or recall from the history of the war of 1812. You can use 1/2400 scale models on bases, as the rules suggest, or dust off some Wizkids pirate ship models. Whatever you use, you will have a great game. BUY THIS GAME.

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