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Armor Grid: Mech Attack! $5.95
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Armor Grid: Mech Attack!
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Publisher: Armor Grid Games and Miniatures
by James M. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 04/13/2010 23:20:44

Before I review the game itself, let me give some background. I am a long time fan of all games of the print and play variety and I spend quite a bit of time reading the forum on the One Monk site. The thing I like about this site is that it nourishes creativity, and it was here that I began to see the development of some really cool 15 mm scale Mechs, Military Vehicles, and Infantry. I fell in love with their design and followed along most days for several weeks. Then, a rule system was developed and playtested (tho I didn't have time really to volunteer). The final product was a game called Armor Grid: Mech Attack.

So, when I found out the the game was for sell, both the rules and the minis themselves, I jumped on the chance to pick it up. And that was before I found out that it was only 5 bucks. I decided that if I didn't like it, it was only a few dollars, so no biggie.

However, I do like it . . . a lot! The minis are customizable and a blast to build. The game play is actually pretty smooth and relatively quick, especially after a couple of games. Finally, you don't have to build that many models to get started--and there really is nothing stopping you from using minis you may already have, tho the ones that come with the game are pretty cool. In fact, my first game started with only 25 build points and it only took me a couple of days in between real life to crank them out.

Another thing that I really like, and thus happy to support this game, is the interaction that players have with the creators, WaffleM and Dagger (forum names). As you've guessed it, they have established their own website and forum. They are quick to respond to questions and are very open to letting others post their own ideas (house rules, etc). Because this game is new, the community around it is small, but is has grown since I joined and I alway take time to peek in and post on a regular basis--especially since there are some sneak peeks and future products that support an already great game.

So if you want a quick and easy to play game (though, thoughtfully challanging in a tactical sort of way)or just want some cool 15 mm minis, I highly recommend this Armor Grid: Mech Attack. And get it soon, as the introductory price ends on April 15th, tho $7.95 is still a great price. For more information about the community surrounding this game, I suggest that you check out http://www.armorgridgames.com/

For an example of game play with pictures that I've posted, follow this link: http://armorgridgames.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=memebergallery&action=display&thread=35

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