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Panzer® Flats: German Common Base
Publisher: StrikeNet Games
by Charles H. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 11/03/2017 13:22:25

They are beautiful with slightly different coloring for various models of the same vehicle, but I gave it a 4. It's confusing to buy them. You have to click on <Buy Now> which is on a separate web-page. Then you have to click on <Buy Now> again to go to the Wargame Vault web-site. They explain that, sort of, but it is still confusing for a first-time buyer. It makes sense for the German Common Base to have infantry, but they need to say, "You HAVE to buy the German Common Base to get any infantry," in the descriptions of the individual products, not just in the over-all description, which I found later. Please don't tell us the infantry has two different base-colors - SHOW US with a photo. This is especially true because the brown base-color of the infantry does NOT match the tan base-color of the vehicles. I was surprised to see early model Mark IV tanks and late model Mark III tanks come after late model Mark IV tanks. I backed up several times thinking I had missed them or they were left out. I wish the Mark IVF2 model did not have turret spaced-armor. A small thing, but significant. This would give IVF2 with a long barrel but no spaced-armor, IVG with turret spaced-armor, and IVH with turret and side spaced-armor (beautifully rendedered with a sense of shade on the side-armor and the attachment arms). The ratio of Infantry to support weapons is off. You gave us 56 squads (over four companies, even at 4 squads per platoon) but only 8 machine-guns and 6 mortars. With a battalion of infantry I want 12 HMG, 9 medium mortars, and 3 heavy mortars. Give us 49 squads (one row less) and one entire row of HMG, plus 9 light and 3 heavy mortars (plus the square half-squad counters, unchanged).

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Panzer® Flats: German Common Base
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