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Witches and Bats
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Publisher: Mayhem in Paper
by Timothy B. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 08/04/2022 11:38:47

Originally posted here: https://theotherside.timsbrannan.com/2022/08/100-days-of-halloween-witches-and-bats.html

Halloween is coming...in a couple of months, but you are going to need to be ready and here is something to help with that.

Witches and Bats

These papercraft minis to print and cut out. You get 6 wicked witches, 4 giant bats and 1 small bat swarm. There is a preview on the DriveThruRPG page.

I do not own a Silhouette/Craftrobo cutter, I just printed them out on a laser printer and made little stands for them. I use them as part of a village of witches. My kids have learned that "paper minis" are NPCs that don't interact much while "plastic minis" are main NPCs. So of course they want to talk to all the paper minis! At least these ones are interesting.

Do I use these with my War of the Witch Queens? Absolutely. I need a lot of witches to populate the Tredicim (the gathering of Witches) and these are great to fill out the ranks.

I mix them with Ghostly Spirits, Demons, Devils and Imps, Scarecrows and Jack-O-Lanterns (a favorite), Evil Cultists, and Gothic Statues for a full-on Halloween Village feel.

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