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Publisher: Mike Crutchett
by Robert P. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 02/12/2023 18:44:40

Verrotwood does a great job of being a rules-lite system that also gives a lot of room for Narrative depth from the players. This isn't just in the main rules themselves, which uses a d10 Dice Pool system in Face to Face tests versus other players or AI driven monsters. The system allows the player(s) to create their own world by using vague descriptors that you can assign any sort of Gothic, Dark, Deep Forrest Horror ideas upon not just your warbands but items they use, Gods they prey to, Monsters they fight. As with most tabletop minis games, there is a "gimmick" that helps to add to the flavor of the rules and settings. In Verrotwood, your Cult memebers can perform Rituals that can buff them or debuff the oponent. SOme do Direct damage too. These Rituals are also reflective of the God your Cult follows in that when you create you Deity, you can choose the types of RItuals that are avalible to your Cult.

Verrtwood, to me, is a great set of rules for quick, simple, characterful rules for series of linked Missions take your fledgling Cult from Surviving in the woods all the way t being the one true rulers of Verrotwood.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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