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Dual Gauge $15.00
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Dual Gauge
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Publisher: Hollandspiele
by David M. H. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 02/29/2024 11:26:28

Well, I've always loved the old 18xx games, but this is a very good updating of that system. Lot's of systems have been simplified into one. I love the Station/shares which are all represented by the same cylinders. I also like the mechanism for connecting hexes rather than the fiddly puzzles you sometimes have in 18xx games, which leaves you able to concentrate on the finance and planning. There are many subtle twists in this and all in a rulebook of esentially SIX pages, compared to the enpormous convolted rules of some 18xx games The other big plus is essentially two very different games in one box, same bassic chassis, but with slight tweeks: and all the vital tweeks are there on the map. No rules riffling to find out what exactlt triggers game end in the game you are playing. Add to that the possibility of two expansions already out, which means you can already have 6 completely different games with the same simple ruleset. All in all an excellent buy.

I do have one complaint: The low solitaire rating that you guys have given this game. I'm a solo player by force of circumstance, and as this game has only ONE SINGLE auction round at the very beginning, it is very easy to solo play this game.

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