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Reign in Hell
Publisher: Snarling Badger Studios
by Romain R. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 06/05/2021 08:00:04

Since I try Mordheim back in 1999 I was hooked on skirmish games. And since like a miniature addict that I am, I look for game that give me the same magical feeling. And with Reign in Hell we are pretty close. Pro: -Really easy to play and teach even for people who never played a miniature game. -You probably already have everything you need to play this game (and you can find printable/foldabe 12sided dice if you don't got them). -The campaign system work way better than in most game I play so far, and it's really cool without be time consuming. -It's a really dynamic game the activation system is a hit, and the soul dice can transform a lost game in a win even at the very end. -You can get wild with convertion. -The way you make your cabal make the game realy balanced. Con: -Even if there is only 6 philosophy and 6 lesser demon making a band can be though, especialy for those who doesn't like list building. -You have to play aggressive, no tricky shooty, catch me, in this game. -The game is openly campaign orriented and for occasional play it is a little less interesting.

And for the french speaker out there my full review is avaible on youtube on the channel Lancé Critique.

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Reign in Hell
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