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Combat HQ 2nd Edition
Publisher: Wargames Design
by Mike L. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 10/01/2021 10:32:09

I recently purchased these second edition rules, having previously played the first. Buying on wargames Vault was a breeze. I bought the hardcopy book for Commbat HQ and Total war. They are excellent quality, hard backed and everything is so easy to find. The rules are excellent. Im a bit of a rules junkie and I absolutly love playing Combat HQ. They play quickly and a game can easily be played in an evening over 3 or 4 hours. less if you setup a smaller battle. Still the rules dont take any shortcuts when it comes to creating the feeling of commanding units in a ww2 battle. At the heart of the game is the command dice mechanism. Sides have a number of d6 dice the number of which depends on the size of the force. These are rolled by both sides simultaneously at the start of a move. This roll determines who has initiative and what each side is able to do during their turn. The command dice are used to activate units to move and fire, rally, spot etc... Dice with the same number rolled, form a command chain which are used to carry out the actions. So its not a strict IGUG system. You use your chain to activate units and then the opponent activates one of their chains. Uniquely if during the initial roll you roll more ones than sixes you suffer a command failure where you must pass failed dice to your opponenet for that turn which he can use, which means you can do less and the enemy can achieve much more. Combat is quick and simple. Opposed rolls by the attacker and defender comparing attack and reaction dice (saves) the number roilled depending on the unit plus modifiers. This roll determines number of hits and or suppression and also determines a morale test automatically. So if the attacker rolls a hit and more sixes than the defender, then the defender is suppressed and forced back. Rallying units takes into account if in line of sight and distance from the enemy. Each side also has a number of Staff Orders which are used to call in artillery and airstrikes or add command support when needed at a crucial point in the battle. These get used up or spent so not an infinite supply. Combat HQ supplies comprehensive info in nationalites and units and Combat Total War, an additional book provides further historical data on units, vehicles, air and beach landings. I guess thats enough. As you can see, these are very comprehensive rules but not at all complicated, and its easy to play the game from the qrs. Again, my favourite ruleset for ww2 and i only wish more people knew about them:) Mike

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Combat HQ 2nd Edition
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