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Heroic Maps - Storeys: Castle Darkspire $15.00
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Heroic Maps - Storeys: Castle Darkspire
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Publisher: Heroic Maps
by Robin K. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 11/28/2021 16:22:38

This castle is really big and you can spend several long gaming sessions in it. It definitely has its price. There are a lot of details on the maps to enjoy, but also a few details that can make the game rather complicated. I've only used the map for online play via roll20 so far. Each floor had its own separate map, because each one is so big that it was impossible to have them all on one map. So if a squad moved to a different floor, I had to move them to a different map. This is where the seemingly nice, but impractical in game terms, placement of many towers and stairs came into play. Switching between floors too often was more of a nuisance than an effect. Next time I'll definitely choose a map where there aren't so many unnecessary stairs or towers, for online play it's definitely something to think about. At the same time, I found it unnecessary in places to draw so many cobwebs and coffins inside, plus three libraries and no room that even resembles a bathroom... just weird. The whole castle is really interesting, but the overall look of it is limited to a very specific story, only for vampires, undead and arachnids, other uses are much more difficult, which I find a shame. Overall rating 4.5 stars. Just four is not enough, but a full five is too much.

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