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Panzerschreck #17
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Panzerschreck #17
Publisher: Minden Games
by Steven P. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 08/13/2020 20:49:02

I bought this issue with very deliberate intent. "Der Tag-1916" is a game that I HAD to have. As a solo gamer, one of the hardest things to play is the ability for fleets to hunt and surprise each other. This game held the promise of making that possible. quickly printed, assembled, read and set up, I played a full four turn game last night, and was happily rewarded by the ebb and flow of the action. Weather is a major variable, and hampered the British greatly on most turns. The distannces from Scapa Flow and Dover will keep those forces out of many actions, leaving the German fleet with far better chances of hitting and getting away. Ship design is nicely factored into the gunnery and damage charts, making the British shipd better gun platforms, but far less able to take damage. On the last turn, the action cards sent out the German fleet, which met a small portion of the Royal Navy, did some serious damage, and left before the main fleet could arrive. The Germans won the first game. The next round will be anyone's guess. This game was worth the total cost of the issue.

"Battle over Dunkirk" caught my attention, as I have been wanting to try the "Battle over Britain" game system. I love air games. I play Table Air Combat, several of the fine games by A&A, and others. Most ar somewhat complicated, and time consuming. Minden's system sounded far more accessable. Sometimes that is just what is needed in a game. Printing and reading "BoD", I found the concepts clear, and the mechanics to be easy to follow. I have not yet played a game, but I am confident that my wife and I will enjoy this one, and other games in the series. She, by the way, is a veteran player of Hostile Aircraft and Biplane Barmy.

"Napoleon in Italy" reads as a very 'uncoventional' wargame, with players bidding to play the Austrians, then needing to acquire at least as many VP as the bid, for the Ausrians to win. The French get to 'play the spoiler'. The game looks 'easy to play, but tough to master', and should provide good replay value.

There are also a handful of reviews on games from other companies, and some nice ads for Minden's products. All in all a nice read, to go along with three most atractive games.

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