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Iron and Blood: Easy Rules for Gaming The Franco-Prussian War $3.00
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Iron and Blood: Easy Rules for Gaming The Franco-Prussian War
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Iron and Blood: Easy Rules for Gaming The Franco-Prussian War
Publisher: Blue Boxer Rebellion
by 4929107369427003 P. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 05/24/2020 09:20:55

I'm a big 19th century European Wars fan and what can go wrong for the price? To be honest not a lot. The game combat is an innovative and eligant system. There are however a small number of historic inaccuracies, but if you notice them they are easily fixed. They are better than many far more expensive sets of rules and believe me I know I own most of them.

If your interested the more glaring errors are: French Voltiguers should be chassuer a pied. The Prussians don't have a 12pdr and their 6pdr was almost identical to the 4pdr. French infantry didn't charge in Attack Column but the Prussians did! As I say however these mistakes are easily fixed and the game itself plays well and I enjoyed the first game dispite the minor errors which I will correct for the second game.

One word of advice be very strict in implementing the movement rules. If you are you will be rewarded by the battlefield becoming total pandmonium as units bump into each other. On the otherhand if you like your armies to move across the table in well choreographed lines these rules migh not be for you.

In answer to the authors comments: There were two brigades of Voltiguers in the Army. They formed the 1st Division of the Guard and were functionally identical to the Grenadiers in the 2nd Division just a good excuse for a different uniform. There were 20 battalions of chassuer a pied.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Thanks for your review and especially for pointing out the non-existence of 12-pdrs! Baccus makes them and I naively assumed that they were genuine! I'm pretty sure there was a voltigeur brigade in Napoleon III's army although they saw only limited action at Metz. I would use the same stats for voltigeurs as for chasseurs a pied -- they're both light infantry. Again, thank you for taking the time to evaluate my rules!
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