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Monday Mutant 1: Junko Pay What You Want
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Monday Mutant 1: Junko
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Monday Mutant 1: Junko
Publisher: Outland Arts
by Russell T. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 07/21/2019 14:46:57

It would appear that William McAusland is releasing the Monday Mutant series in order to build excitement for the upcoming TME Expansion Rules which are slated to be released in September. If that is indeed his plan, its a good one!

The Junko, Monday Mutant 1, is a great addition to the incredibly detailed menagerie of horrors that populate the TME world. This horrible, ogre-like creature would be an unwelcome surprise for a group of excavators exploring the ubiquitous ruins of the future. Among the Junko's many unique traits is it's penchant to use loot to bait adventurers into an ambush. Now there is a whole side-adventure right there! In addition to the monster stats and great art, the PDF comes with a unique loot table and a list of of 10 unique mutations for the Junko, which makes it feel like you are getting 11 monstes for the price of 1!

And the price is right for this Pay What You Want PDF! The suggested price is $0.00, which makes this an absolut steal.

There are a few minor typos, but they shouldn't impact your enjoyment of this beasty. TME is my favorite post-appocalypes game. It's easy to play and packed with as much detail as you want to use. if you are leary about buying the main rules, download the Quick Start rules when you download the Junko and give them a try. it's a fantastic game!

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