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Heroic Maps - Storeys: Kennelfield Winter Castle $12.50
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Heroic Maps - Storeys: Kennelfield Winter Castle
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Heroic Maps - Storeys: Kennelfield Winter Castle
Publisher: Heroic Maps
by Oliver D. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 08/08/2019 07:12:31

I've been meaning to pen a review for some time now, for the incredible work the Heroic Maps team puts out. Trouble is, the work Heroic Maps does is so good that I've bought so many, that each time, the writing a review thing becomes less and less appealing because of the sheer volume I'd have to write.

So instead I am writing a combined review for the recent maps I've purchased. This include the Hall of Portals, Fortress of Fire Mage, Ruins of Aerineya, Drabdon City Sewers, the House of Chaos and Lost Temple of Morahga’s Eye. But it is this product, the Kennelfield Winter Castle and accompanying Gatehouse product that really sets the bar sky high.

The attention to detail is incredible. The storeys approach to the castle can be quite intimidating to run as a DM for a group of quite demanding players, but by doing this, the castle gets everything it needs: a courtyard, stable area, dining hall, temple, library, throne room area, royal quarters, a mage tower (I'm using it for that, anyway!), a cellar full of other neat areas like a jail cell area, a crypt...the list goes on and on. There are arrow loops ('slits') than you can reasonably lay your hands on archer minis for and the rooftop is ideal for a pesky Horizon Walker ranger to snipe from. Until a dragon swoops in, that is.

I'll be running a gigantic pitched battle with over a hundred minis on it and can hardly wait. When you combine this map with the Kennelfield gatehouse, you invite siege warfare and the frozen moat looks awesome.

The other maps I've bought all have stand-out features and there are too many for me to go into here, but if you are in need of a striking map, or fancy a special exception (like I did) to the dry-wipe Pathfinder grid products (they've seen their fair share of use I can tell you), then I can't recommend Heroic Maps enough.

I'm not the most tech-savvy and I find in general with printers, if they can go wrong, they will. Which is another reason I recommend Heroic Maps - the files come gridded and ungridded, but best of all, they come in sliced up pages that you just print and then lop off the borders. The imagery on the pages is contiguous and is represented in such a way that the edges 'overlap', making it easier to spec out and glue to card.

I honestly don't really have any criticism of the products I've bought from Heroic Maps. Perhaps a suggestion for a future map - I've not managed to quite find something suitable for a grand throne room of an Emperor (along with his private quarters and a couple of side rooms). There are other maps with a sort of throne room or hall in other castle type maps, but I'm talking about the ruler of most of the free world - huge, lavish and ridiculously OTT. But there will always be more ideas and here Heroic Maps excells - the back catalogue is enormous and I often wonder how the team comes up with new ideas so often.

Highly recommended.

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