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Heroic Maps - Teoyohtlan Jungle: House of the Snake $5.50
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Heroic Maps - Teoyohtlan Jungle: House of the Snake
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Publisher: Heroic Maps
by Tom [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 02/17/2024 11:44:25

The Teoyohtlan Jungle maps are so evocative and inspirational that I based a campaign around them. The room sizes are perfect for my needs (only a few rooms and a boss chamber) and include secret entrances to the final encounter. Using these with the Jungle Modular Kit and Jungle Geomorphs allows me to setup any tropical island adventure.

With Heroic Maps' selection of Ports, Forts, Ships, Silt River Village, the Lost Tombs of Cuatemoc, and Captain Bastide's Pirate Den, I had everything I needed to put together an exciting jungle adventure just from the great artwork and layout the maps provide.

I would enjoy seeing more small dungeons from the Teoyohtlan Jungle. I thoroughly enjoyed the first two!

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