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White Bear Red Sun
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White Bear Red Sun
Publisher: Long Face Games
by A customer [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 10/09/2017 07:41:52

Just a really quick read of David Manley's white bear red sun rules.

I was a bit apprehensive that they'd supplant the lovely Quickfire that WTJ put out for nix, but I'm happy to report that the two sets fill different niches and I'll happily be playing both.

QF has point by point reduction for its ship stats damage effects, while WBRS' Tactical rules (called Broadside and Salvo) take a stepped approach (damaged, silenced, crippled,sunk) with each step modifying ship performance (except minor units) in the same way.

Movement and action are governed by per squadron action points d6

These two mechanisms will likely combine to reduce per ship stat keeping and allow fast resolution of much larger fleet battles quickly.

Something QF struggled with at more than a dozen ships a side. (It has good chrome for several sqns a side game)

This is the set you fight Tsushima with, which I think is what David is shooting for.

He's included a critical hit table for attacker 6, defender 1 results.. So you will all get a kabewm from this set sometime.

Gunnery is DBAesque (equal, greater, twice, etc)

Torpedoes are one shot attacks conducted similarly

I'm looking forward to these rules and I think they'll serve their purpose well.. nice one David (Go buy the rules if you haven't already) http://www.wargamevault.com/product/223354/White-Bear-Red-Sun

The front Matter is 7 pages of RJW campaign narrative followed by 2 pages of brief OOB for the 10 major actions of the RJW from Port Arthur to Tsushima.

For those of you who remember DBSA, well this isn't DBSA. it will play faster, David has removed the exceptions and corner cases which made DBSA combat results resolution a drudge. It flows and it shows.

David has indicated a SpanAm supplement is in the works

More tomorrow when I've digested the campaign rules.

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