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Scum of the Earth. Demo Version $0.99
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Scum of the Earth. Demo Version
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Scum of the Earth. Demo Version
Publisher: Nordic Weasel Games
by Steven P. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 07/07/2019 22:22:19

I bought the entire "Scum of the Earth" series, including the Demo. I wanted the Demo for my friend who will NEVER read a longer rule book. I decided to see what kind of game could be played right out of the Demo booklet.

After a quick and smooth read-through, I gathered a 2x2 foot scenery board, four small forest groupings, sme d6 and averaging dice and dusted off forty-two stands of 15mm American Civil War figures that had not seen daylight in ten years.

With the book close at hand, I diced for initiative, then started rolling for the variable moves of my three units of infantry, and one unit of light cavalry. (For the Demo, there is NO artillery. Nothing being in range, I started the same process for the other side.

Soon both forces were in range, and fire began. I used the Average Dice, having bought two pair half a century ago... Soon units were shaken, then breaking. This game will definately reward the commander who keeps a unit or two in reserve. In twenty minutes, six turns were complete, and a winner was decided based on casualties.

The game was fast, fun, and not determined by the strenght of a 'points list'. It had very much the feel of games I enjoyed when I was getting started long ago. This was a bare-bones game, and there are a lot of options available in the full set for when you are ready to deal with them.

I can think of no better way to introduce a newcomer to historical black powder gaming than this simple Demo set. You may gain an opponent for life.

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