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Tribal - skirmish combat game $12.50
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Tribal - skirmish combat game
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Publisher: Mana Press
by Edwin K. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 05/20/2016 12:59:56

For a fuller review see my blog - http://diplomatist2.blogspot.co.uk/2016/05/tribal-first-thoughts.html

What do you get for your money?

A full-colour 32-page watermarked pdf, nicely illustrated with line drawings and photographs mostly of Eureka Miniatures Maoris, but also their Aztecs and Wargames Foundry's Gladiators and Vikings.

Overall, the 'look of the thing' is good. It's in a two-column layout, the background isn't too intrusive and the balance of text-to-illustration is a good one. A particularly nice touch is that the back cover consists of the reference tables. A printer-friendly version is also included.

About half of the book consists of rules and about a third historical background. Some people might find this space devoted to Maori, Aztec or Viking culture superfluous, and many may just skip it, but that is being churlish. Apart from the Viking or Gladiators perhaps, these backgrounds are likely to be new(ish) to the reader. In addition, the emphasis in the game on Honour lends a narrative element to it, which is only deepened by (what is after all only a little!) knowledge of the period.

The game mechanisms seem simple enough and quick to learn - a big selling point for me. The rules are clearly written and well explained. A sample turn is gone through point-by-point just to make things even clearer. Tribal looks as if it could be a simple-to-learn fun skirmish game. It would also appeal to those who have a horror of bending over a table with a tape measure and rolling dice!

Overall I'm impressed with this and looking forward to further developments.

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