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Panzer Kids Basic Pay What You Want
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Panzer Kids Basic
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Panzer Kids Basic
Publisher: Griffon Publishing Studio
by Douglas A. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 02/27/2016 19:15:02

Full Disclosure: I know the author via social media but I have not been solicited to write this review and I'll try to be evenhanded.

"Panzer Kids Basic" is a free teaser for the forthcoming "Panzer Kids Deluxe." Set-up can be done in a matter of two minutes providing you have some tanks and terrain pieces. The recommended scale is 15mm but it would work with nearly any scale. Players spend points to create their tank force, ranging from 5 points for an M4 Sherman to 16 points for a Tiger. (Strangely, an M3 Stuart costs more than an M4 -- I know Shermans had their faults but I would think a 75mm main gun and thicker armor would make them more valuable than a light tank such as the M3). Once you've bought your tanks, you and your adversary place an agreed-upon set of terrain features, which provide cover for any adjacent unit. Then you're ready to skirmish. Each tank has a data card with its essential stats: Speed, Range, Attack, Defense, and Cost. The fundamentals of movement and combat will seem familiar to any ruler-and-dice wargamer and are very simple to grasp. Their familiarity actually makes Panzer Kids Basic a good introduction to the standard concepts of wargaming for very young players. To attack, roll a six-sided die, add your tank's Attack bonus, and try to exceed your target's Defense. A "1" always misses and a "6" always hits, which tends to smooth out duels between mismatched opponents. That M3 Stuart will still score a hit on your Tiger 1 out of 6 tries. I see this as a feature rather than a bug -- kids tend to have a higher tolerance for random twists of fate in their games and it makes the battles more lively. Players use counters or tokens to keep track of how many hits each tank has taken. On the third hit, a tank is knocked out. With the right age group, you could be up for a fun evening of battles with your kids, each of which isn't likely to take more than 20 minutes. I hope that the deluxe version will add enough tactical options to keep players interested in the long run. I can't give the game more than 3 stars as is, because it seems a mere placeholder for the complete game -- which could make me add another star or two if it delivers on this bare-bones teaser.

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Creator Reply:
Thanks for the review, but especially for pointing out what was a typo on my part in the M4 Sherman stats. It should have an Attack of +5, Defense 8, and Cost 10. I\'ve gone ahead and corrected the PDF file.
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