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Invaders From Dimension X!
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Invaders From Dimension X!
Publisher: Tiny Battle Publishing
by Stephan B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 09/25/2019 12:30:00

This review applies only to the DIGITAL version of this title, not to the physical version!

i recently bought the digital edition of Invaders from Dimension X along with its two sister titles, Space Vermin from Beyond and Attack of the 50-Foot Colossi. All three titles had fatal layout mistakes which makes print-and-play assembly effectively impossible using consumer-grade printers, but in September 2019 the publisher issued an update of the latter two which addressed those problems. This title, however, was left out of that update.

Management summary: the layout of the counter sheets is entirely unusable for print-and-play purposes. Sigh.


First off, the counters have no grid, but instead have "alignment lines" along the sides of each counter sheet (1 front, 1 back). These are not only unhelpful, they're downright useless unless one is assembling the counters solely from plain paper, in which case (A) light can be shined through it to help with the alignment and (B) they're uselessly thin for purposes of playing.

Once the top or bottom edge of a sheet is cut off, the corresponding lines are gone, making it impossible to get proper vertical alignment for cutting out the counters. Once the left or right edge are removed, getting proper horizontal alignment is impossible.

The fact that some rows of counters have an extraneous gap between them and some do not exaggerates the problem further.

Here's a photo which demonstrates these problems:


After importing these counters into graphics editors (Gimp and Inkscape) to attempt to create a grid for them, i discovered that the provided vertical alignment lines for the front and back sheets don't even line up 100% perfectly as-is (the horizontal ones do).

Secondly, the counter sheets use an exotic paper size: Arch A (9x12 inches), which is slightly larger than US Letter. The counters do not fit as-is on A4 paper (noting that A4 is far more widely-used than US Letter). Printing them in landscape mode, as intended, on A4 paper will truncate the bottom of the counter sheet. Here's a partial workaround: each of the two countersheet PDFs (one for front, one for back) includes two copies of that side of the counter sheet. Printing them in PORTRAIT orientation will print a full copy of the left-most block of counters and will truncate the right-side block. Printing both PDFs this way will result in 1.5 sets of counters (as opposed to the 2 sets which would fit on US letter). The major down-side to that approach is that the lines along the right edge of the countersheet, used for lining up the front and back sides, get truncated along with the right-most counters, so lining them up properly proves even more challenging.

i've wasted a full four pages of laser printer toner trying to assemble these counters and i give up. Unless one has superhuman patience, a superhuman eye for proper sub-milimeter alignment, and a superhumanly steady hand, assembling the counters for this game is effectively impossible. Without the counters, obviously, the game cannot be played. The one workaround i can conceive of is to hand-draw a grid over the counters before gluing and cutting them, but (A) that clearly falls under the aforementioned "superhuman patience" clause and (B) it's impossible to line up properly with A4 printouts because of the truncation problem described above.


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