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One Day Digs 6:: Hunt in the Dark Pay What You Want
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One Day Digs 6:: Hunt in the Dark
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One Day Digs 6:: Hunt in the Dark
Publisher: Outland Arts
by Thomas H. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 11/01/2015 13:03:51

One Day Dig 6: Hunt in the Dark is a 15 page one day adventure for characters of the Mutant Epoch. Fully illustrated by Outland Arts and written by Giulio Iannarella. It takes your adventurers on a quest through the ruins of a large exhibition center, chasing a mutant rat-man fugitive. The blown out ruins are described well and the locations lend themselves to the kinds of creatures that will be encountered. Pitch black parkades with troll like mutants, blown out and buried conference rooms with terrifying rat mutants, and the depths below all conceivably out of the eyes above in the dusty apocalyptic town of Rust Haven. I recently purchased a copy of the Mutant Epoch game. Needing some inspiration for my own games I thought I would give Hunt in the Dark a read-though, so I payed $3.50 for my copy - since I had to sign up for RPGNow anyway to download the PDF. The encounters are self aware of how dangerous it will be and offer options to the players for creative role playing - something that was severely lacking in my underdeveloped adventures. I like the creatures and there is a variety, so don't expect this to be a grind. There were more illustrations than I expected for a pay what you want adventure and I think that it will have to have its own binder; however, I felt at times that the story might have catered to the RPG player crowd too much (no spoilers!). Although I haven't played this yet I know that it will be of great help in making my own Mutant Epoch adventures of similar flair. 4/5 - Very Good!

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