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Bag End Floor Plans of a hobbit house $0.00
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Bag End Floor Plans of a hobbit house
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Bag End Floor Plans of a hobbit house
Publisher: Dreamworlds
by Matt A. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 08/30/2015 11:18:45

While it is nicely illustrated, (and free,) this map does not make for a plausible Halfling estate, much less the canonical Bag End by Tolkien. Rooms seem strung together almost at random. There are 7 scattered bedrooms, two kitchens right next to each other (and several doors down from the dining room) and no cloak room.

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Creator Reply:
Thank you for your comments, Matt, I\'m glad you liked the illustrations. My little sketch was based entirely on the two opening paragraphs of the Hobbit, and fit that description pretty well, I think. The rooms are arranged as a medieval or historic house of some age might be; i.e. rambling, much altered and added to. There are no water closets or cloak rooms because these were not invented until the 19th century. Garderobes existed in medieval castles, of course, but they would not easily work in single storey underground dwellings. I also referenced the Iron Age houses at Chysauster in Cornwall, which I have visited and studied. Whilst not strictly hobbit houses such buildings could well have been the sort of ancient dwelling Tolkien had in mind when describing Bag End. There are similar semi-underground dwellings in the Orkney Isles, which I have not been lucky enough to visit. Tolkien mentions fires (which implies chimneys) and panelling. These both indicate a 16th or 17th century dwelling rather than a \'medieval\' one, so there are plenty of challenges in balancing the \'fantasy\' description in Tolkien\'s novel, with historic building styles and techniques. I enjoyed exploring these issues when drawing the plan, but certainly can\'t claim it is in any way an \'authoritive\' view - just a bit of fun! Regards, Cornelius
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