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Table Air Combat: P-51 Mustang $1.99
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Table Air Combat: P-51 Mustang
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Table Air Combat: P-51 Mustang
Publisher: Paper Forge
by Jorge Q. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 09/12/2016 04:18:47

I´ve decided to buy TAC after seeing it on BGG, and opted for a late war "package" (Me 262, P-51, FW 190 and B-17), it seemed to me at the time that even were it a system that I would ultimately not like that much, the short investment would not eat too deep into my budget. Fortunately, TAC delivered what it promises, a light wargame with paper counters as "minis", playable on almost any surface and with a short scenario time, so that you can play several scenarios in one sitting or you can also use it to be a good filler game, when you need to make some time before everybody arrives for a multiplayer boardgame.

The sheer simplicity of the template with all the stats of the aircraft contained within it, the elegant straightforward rules and very logic mechanisms, also make it an excellent entry game into air combat, enabling anyone to get to grips with the proper airbattle in a matter of a few minutes, something not easy to accomplish with, say, wing leader or other air combat systems.

One other thing I very much like is the modularity of it, you only get what you want, Pacific? got your corsairs, helllcats, zeros and dautlesses right here! Battle of England? here are your spitfires, Hurricanes, Me 109´s, 111´s and stukas!, you only order the modules/planes you definitely want and each is self contained, nothing else is needed, so the only limit is the scenarios you want to play in your head!

Finally, the Flight Operations Manual, while not necessary to play, is an added bonus, with the current updated rules for all the possible scenarios (bombing runs, dive bombing, Flak, attacks on Ships, etc.) and its completely free!

In short, I really like this system and will surely buy some more aircraft in the future, and I definitely encorage you to do the same!

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