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Heroic Maps - Giant Maps: Agaricath Drow City $9.99
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Heroic Maps - Giant Maps: Agaricath Drow City
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Publisher: Heroic Maps
by Daniel H. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 01/13/2020 21:04:57

This map is absolutely gorgeous! The detail on it is unreal and it really is a perfect little drow city to drop in. My players were currently in the underdark so this map was super helpful, and they loved it. I play on Roll20 so I had dynamic lighting set up on all the torches and glowy mushrooms, it really added to the gloomy vibe of the map.

Oh one note I will add for those who want to use this map on something like Roll20, you will need to chop the map up into smaller sections (Quarters was fine for me) because of how big the file size is.

I was hesistant initially to pay this price for one map but i decided to pull the trigger and try it out, a decision i don't regret.

I highly reccomend this map to anyone looking to run a drow village/city/town in their campaign.

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