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Strike Legion Tactical Rules Compendium
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Strike Legion Tactical Rules Compendium
Publisher: Legionnaire Games
by Damon R. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 06/05/2014 22:15:10

I love the game, but I am not fond of the new format of the book. It would have been far better to retain the basic rules in one section and then include the other advanced options such as archaic forces, air, naval, organic, and advanced tech in their own self contained section or chapters. This would make the rulebook less intimidating for new players and would have provided easier reference to specific modules players which to use without overwhelming the reader. They author did highlight sections that should be read first, but this is a messy approach vs having the advanced rules in their own section of the book.

Overall I like the streamlining of the game, but I think this is a terrible product for new players. Some of my friends gave up on it just trying to read the movement section. I really hope future products will be written so that the basic core rule mechanic is presented in the first chapters and other rules are provided in separate chapters, similar to how the original book was written. As a veteran of the game, I can still use the product, but it leaves much to be desired regarding organization of content.

Summary, Great Game, nice enhancements to the system, but very difficult for a player new to the rule system.

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Creator Reply:
Thanks for your honest opinion! As to your concerns about the book, I\'d like to submit a couple of things: 1. In addition to updating and clarifying the rules, one of the goals of this volume was to place all rules related to a single concept in one section for easy reference. Having rules for different types of movement or weapons descriptions spread across 3 or 4 different sections of a single book is little better than having to search through 3 or 4 books for that information from an organizational standpoint. Even with the new rules format subheadings in the rules reference specific unit types or classes; if they are elements you don\'t normally include in your games, there\'s no reason why you shouldn\'t skip over them and treat the rulebook as a reference volume. 2. If your friends attempted to read the entire movement section I can only surmise they did not heed the advice for new players offered in the book\'s introduction, which states: \"Some sections of the book have been marked with a red minus sign next to the section heading or a portion thereof. On one’s first reading of the rules, every one of these sections should be completely ignored, as should all rules in or between sections 10.0 through 20.0\". All of the movement rules from 4.213 to the end of the section have been thus marked, meaning that your friends would need to read roughly 2 pages of the movement rules before playing their first game. I would suggest that they (along with _any_ new Strike Legion player) download the free Plain Brown Wrapper demo version of the game to get a grasp on the basics of vehicle movement and combat if they have difficulty navigating the Rules Compendium. While the format and content of the Plain Brown Wrapper have not been revised, the rules implemented there remain valid in this updated version of the game.
Strike Legion Tactical Rules Compendium
Publisher: Legionnaire Games
by Paul C. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 06/04/2014 22:33:12

No games with it yet but it looks like a very nice update (version 1.5 as they call it) to the Strike Legion series. Everything is here except the campaign system (coming later). At 181 pages (including 30 pages of pre-done data cards) it is a very thorough set of rules. We've played mostly in 15mm with no problem and any sci-fi gamer will want to give SL a look. Don't be put off by the size, the basics of the game are simple and you can layer on more as you go.

It was great to see SL get this treatment.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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