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Pulp Alley - PDF $9.99
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Pulp Alley - PDF
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Publisher: Pulp Alley
by Alex L. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 10/20/2017 02:58:57

A very nicely designed set of rules, designed to be simple enough to play with minimal referring back to the book. The key premise is that to succeed at at an activity, be it hitting, shooting or solving an objective, you need to roll 4 or above. The variables are how many dice you roll and how many sides they have, and the modifiers on those factors are minimal and pretty easy to remember.

I highly recommend getting the basic rules book in conjunction with Pulp Alley Leagues - that book provides the flavour to this book's mechanics. If cost is an issue, I'd advocate getting the free rules download first with Pulp Alley Leagues - pretty much the only thing you'd be missing at that point are basic scenarios.

The author of the rules has also started putting up demo games on YouTube, which are well worth a watch for getting an understanding of the game:


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