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Hex Tile Maps - Desert and Drylands Pack $2.99
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Hex Tile Maps - Desert and Drylands Pack
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Hex Tile Maps - Desert and Drylands Pack
Publisher: Dreamworlds
by Alastair M. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 03/19/2016 16:52:23

A great addition to the Hex Tile Maps range, including some transitional hexes to the "normal" greenfield hexes in other packs. Perhaps a few other things might have been done in places - a dry wadi bed or two wouldn't have gone amiss, perhaps some variant dune shapes, and maybe even a hex showing what happens in the aftermath of a rare desert rainstorm, where the desert suddenly blooms with flowering plants. However, there's plenty to work with already, including a tented encampment, rocky hills, a variety of oases, a huge fortified castle, a smaller paved town, and several other structures, fortified and less so, in desert settings. There are even three tiles with expanses of blue water that could be used for desert coastlines, but very handily, they will also group together to form one roughly hex-sized lake or small inland sea spread across three hexes, including a tiny rocky island with a tower. A fine set overall.

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