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Hex Tile Maps - Mountains and Hills Pack $1.99
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Hex Tile Maps - Mountains and Hills Pack
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Hex Tile Maps - Mountains and Hills Pack
Publisher: Dreamworlds
by Alastair M. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 03/19/2016 16:19:22

The river options are a little limited in this set, and there are no snowy mountain peaks, glaciers, lakes, scree slopes or areas of moorland shown, and surprisingly few cliffs, which makes it a little restricted in its potential for recreating any but fairly minor mountain ranges. Overall, it's perhaps best to think of it more as a "Hills" extension pack, providing higher hills than those in the "Medieval Maps Countryside Hex Tiles" set, as opposed to one useful in visualising serious mountains. Even so, it does add more possibilities to the "Countryside" pack.

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