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Medieval Maps - Countryside Hex Tiles Pack $6.99
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Medieval Maps - Countryside Hex Tiles Pack
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Medieval Maps - Countryside Hex Tiles Pack
Publisher: Dreamworlds
by William G. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 06/27/2013 01:44:46


75 tiles of which 1 is a blank green tile. The set is a very comprehensive collection of terrain, improved areas such as villages, farms, lonely towers, manors, isolated farms, bridges, roads, lonely cabins, and a couple of small castles and keeps with and without hamlets. There is a very good selection of village tiles which can combine to form an extensive community. There are a large number of forest tiles which I appreciated. Some have roads through, some have dwellings. There is a good amount of river tiles, some hills and plenty of roads.

The overall theme is definitely Normandy/England medieval, specifically the village and farm tiles which make good use of hedges.

Some highlights are a swampy lake with tribal village, a classic Italian fortified hill town, and a road passing through a hill gully dotted with caves.

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