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Stations Manned and Ready - 2nd Edition $18.36
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Stations Manned and Ready - 2nd Edition
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Stations Manned and Ready - 2nd Edition
Publisher: A and A Games
by Tim W. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 10/17/2014 15:04:47

I am really enjoying this game right now. Very comprehensive and not an ounce more complex than it needs to be to deliver. Games play relatively fast. SMR2 has both a pre-game "strategic initiative" and ship "morale" rules. Both are new to me in a Naval game but I quite like them and they are both quick to resolve.

This game has rules for ships, subs and aircraft - which can all be on the board at the same time. It also has point values for all. Quality of crew and commanders is a significant factor in the game and these further alter the "point value" of a ship. Perfect for playing pick up games.

My miniature collection currently only covers WWII, but SMR2 has me shopping around for WWI miniatures!

The base game comes with no ship stats or scenarios. However there are 9 scenarios that can be downloaded free from their website, and these come with the stats for the ships in the scenarios.

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