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Ships of the Fleet Volume 1: JC
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Ships of the Fleet Volume 1: JC
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Ships of the Fleet Volume 1: JC
Publisher: Dream Pod 9
by Michael H. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 07/25/2011 11:27:05

I consider this book an invaluable resource for anyone interested in running a hard science fiction campaign (it's an in-system, no faster-than-light travel setting). The material presented is highly detailed and useful, and had a surprising degree of verisimilitude considering the obvious anime influences. That fusion of anime and hard science is probably what appeals to me most because I love the idea of high tech mecha mixed with an appreciation of the danger and physics of space-travel make it a very compelling setting for me and this particular book really brings all that to life.

You can read the full review on my blog: http://rpg.brouhaha.us/?p=4256

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