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The Persian Army of the Napoleonic Era
by Robert M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/04/2016 16:33:46

This book greatly exceeded my expectations and the description does not do it justice. I am not a subject matter expert, but it appears the author has done his research, in fact, when authorities’ conflict, he quotes both and lets you decide. The illustrations are exhaustive, and almost all in color. At first I was concerned because they mostly appear as thumbnails, but then I realized that they are (generally) of high resolution and easily expanded in the electronic format. The number of illustrations, that they are in color and the thumbnail presentation are all evidence that this is a reference intended for the electronic format, and makes good use of the medium. The regular army is here, as well as many of the ethnic levies and allies. Even a fair amount of information on opponents is presented. Major battles are covered as well. When differing copies of illustrations exist, both are presented; a phenomena that apparently occurs a great deal in this period. Criticisms are few. The nature of the illustrations would make this book rather unsatisfactory to print out, I might have enjoyed some photographs of surviving equipment and uniform parts as well.

All in all, well done! I wish all my reference books were nearly as well executed.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
The Persian Army of the Napoleonic Era
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