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Fighting Brothers - ACW rules
by Ian W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/07/2017 12:08:38

Plus points: they're short and at a scale I like: units are regiments, but you use them in brigades. They are figure size neutral - all distances are numbers and whether they are inches or cm depends on the figure size.

Minus points: Infantry moves 10 (inches or cm, remember) per order. (Whether it is moving or charging - the only difference is that charging troops don't get a -1 when in hand-to-hand combat that merely moving ones do. As there's no penalty for charging, charge everywhere!) Musket range is 9. Combat happens after movement and is either ranged or hand-to-hand. So if your infantry is 10 away from musket-armed infantry you are attacking, you end up in hand-to-hand combat without being fired on. That doesn't feel right, even if the defender rolls first in combat - you need to be quite lucky to remove a base.

Actually, that move/charge is just for units under poor commanders. Average comanders get to move their units twice as far (and the best ones three times) so can easily outrange the rifle range of 12.

In fact, there's no good reason for having rifle units if you're having a points-based army: the difference is minimal and musket armed ones cost less.

There are an annoying level of typos too, even in the version 1.2. Oh, yes, although there are four files, two are earlier versions and two are identical versions of the 1.2 version. It's sadly typical.

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Fighting Brothers - ACW rules
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Creator Reply:
Don't forget, only units in column can be given more than one order a move (see 6. Movement). So you cannot cannot move a unit into combat from outside rifle range, unless you charge in, in column and columns don't fight (so they will die horribly). So there is a slight advantage of rifles over smoothbore muskets. No idea of typos of course. Otherwise they would be corrected. Ah I see that a player could declare a charge every time they move and so try to avoid the penalty for moving and firing. Yep that will be clarified. Reminds me of the boardgame where roads doubled movement, so players doubled the movement of air planes. Yep rule writers must make the rules clear.
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