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SM79 Damned Hunchback PDF
by William G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/08/2018 19:19:31

SM79 Damned Hunchback is a card game of low complexity. There are only a few rules to learn, and you can be playing a game in minutes of reading them. A game/mission takes a minute or two to complete, but the game is additctive. You will want to start another game/mission to try and get that torpedo hit after the last mission missed its target.

You're at the mercy of the shuffle of the deck, but knowing when to release the torpedo is key. You are not always gaurenteed a hit even when you make it to the target.I could see playing this game and tracking a group of aircraft attacking a target and seeing how many hits are scored.

The rules could use some clarity being that there are only a few rules. The cursive text on the "Damages" card is a bit hard to read for my eye sight. I could see combining the "Distance" and "Damages" cards into a single card and using a couple of tokens to track the respected values, but the two cards as is allows you to have a tokenless game to play.

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SM79 Damned Hunchback PDF
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Creator Reply:
Dear William, Thank you for your review which hits perfectly the aim of the game. Glad you enjoy it’s replyability! Marco & Lucrezia @ Lumaca Games
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