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Zombie Plague: The Day From Hell
by Chad E. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/25/2014 15:12:50

Back in 2001, the first print and play edition of Zombie Plague was released and people dug it a lot.

Cut to 2012: To coincide with a revised and much spiffier edition of the game, RSquared Studios released a comic prequel.

Zombie Plague: The Day From Hell offers some good character introductions and provides a really nice setup for the board game. The comic isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel, instead it’s offering a very loving nod without boring you with a simple cut-and-paste pastiche. The pacing is good. There’s some really clever kills in the issue but thankfully, the comic doesn’t ever descend into mindless gore. It has a nice clear layout and really clean art.

The whole thing is just a lot, a lot of fun

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Zombie Plague: The Day From Hell
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