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Fields of Fire Fast Play Rules
by Russell S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/20/2015 19:54:56

If I was with my twelve year old son at a convention, or wanting a beer and pretzel game with the local club, they would make for a nice enough fast play set of rules.

But you-go, I-go is just going to lead to the usual shot-em-up. Some device that would allow you to pin an enemy and maneuver to his flank without the instantaneous response of you-go-I-go would be needed for me to take a closer look. Obviously, these are the stripped down rules, but they don't look like other major aspects of modern warfare (minefields, drones, smoke screens, artillery, command control, whatnot) are going to get much play.

Truthfully, I tend to like modern armor (versus skirmish) rules more for the detailed cross comparisons of the armor types, weapons, etc. I buy them from time to time, but rarely ever have much interest in playing them.

But as I noted above, it looks like you could start playing this in 20 minutes or less. So it does what it seems to be trying to do. That it is not trying to do all that very much, to me, seems to indicate an average (3) rating. Since your scale goes from good to bad, I am assuming "adequate" would be in the middle.

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Fields of Fire Fast Play Rules
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Creator Reply:
Thank you for your review for our product \"Fields of Fire\", however I think you misunderstood that much of what happens in this game is simultaneous. Shots happen by both sides at the same time and happen when moving. When one side moves and fires, the other side has the chance to shoot at their vehicles and squads as they move. When one of your units are knocked out during battle, you have a chance to fire back. All games are going to have some aspect of one side performing an action, and then another, as a function of game play, however we attempted to limit the effects of this by allowing both players to interact in each phase in both combat and movement. Each turn is broken down by one minute phases and in each full turn, both sides get two movement actions. These rules are not meant to tax a person’s ability to do higher math. The math is built into the charts in order to allow for a much more enjoyable play experience. You aren’t acting as the crew trying to calculate the best options for ammunition and angles of deflection. Rather you are the commander concentrating on tactics and enjoying the game. We assume the crew is skilled enough to do their job as trained and will give you the best options they can. I think if you reread the rules you may have a better understanding of how you’re supposed to play this game.
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