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Tactical Hex Map-Woodland Set I
by Roger J. S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/17/2013 11:43:10

This is not a bad product: it consists of a single grass-green open field, rather small at that (six hexes tall and five wide, each hex sporting a central dot, and one row of half hexes on each side). Layers consist of:

a) three “road” layers, each one with a series of roads (with various overlaps between layers), and buildings (2 to 3 per layer) with short paths leading to them; b) one “field” layer with three ploughed fields, each one with hedges on four hexsides; and c) three “woods” layers, each with three clumps of threes.

Not overly busy, as you can see, but adequate.

There are a few problems with this product (let us number the fields “1”, “2” and “3”, going from top to bottom, for convenience’s sake): a) if the layers “Woods-Set 3” and “Fields” are turned on at the same time, one of the clumps of trees lies smack on top of field “1”; and b) if the layers “Roads-Set 1” and “Fields” are turned on at the same time, fields “2” and “3” both lie in the middle of a road.

I understand these are but planning errors, but still, I feel that such errors, plus the small number of available terrain features, do not warrant the cost of this product. At best – but this is only my opinion – it is worth $2. Still, I do see potential in this new product line and would consider buying one more product, if the price were more attractive.

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Tactical Hex Map-Woodland Set I
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